About Us

We support innovative organisations that shape real and lasting change by building strong foundations for education and empowerment.

The Morris Family Foundation was established in 2009 as the philanthropic arm of the Morris Group. Through our funding we support our partner organisations’ inspiring work to create enhanced opportunities and better conditions for people and the planet via projects that remove barriers to education, build capacity and access to resources in disadvantaged communities, and raise awareness of serious social and environmental issues.

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How we work

As a Family Foundation, we are hands on in our grantee selection and our management of the granting process; we aim for equality in our relationships with not-for-profit organisations. We aim not to be an administrative burden, preferring to build relationships rather than relying on long written proposals and reports.

The Morris Family Foundation is operated from within – management and all funding decisions require unanimous support from all family members. The organisations we support reflect the areas of interest and passion of those involved.

Within our work on fair and sustainable food systems we take an active role that exceeds traditional grant-making. Director Hayley Morris dedicates time to assisting community groups working on this issue and other funders to better navigate the movement and how they can best support it.

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